Emerging List [Ones To Watch In 2022]

22 emerging artists to watch in 2022

Last year we featured 20 artists on our emerging list, and we rated each artists current ability, branding and potential rating— with A+ being the highest rating. This year, we’ve gone back to basics. We spent hours listening to multiple artists over the festive period. Without looking at an artists streams/monthly listeners, video views or social media followers, we picked 22 artists based on the quality of their music.

Led by the next big thing in pop music, Keni, below is a list of talented artists we’re predicting to make a lot of noise this year. Follow the Emerging List playlist here.


Blessed with one of the most breathtaking voices in pop music today Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Keni has the potential to be a star— in fact she will be a star. The charismatic artist has been able to capture music listeners everywhere with her impressive vocals and captivating releases such as “Devil’s a Dylan”, “Sid and Nancy”, “Proximity”, “Big Enough” and “You’re leaving soon”.


Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and artist BXB LOVE is a vocal powerhouse. She has all the right tools to be a star. And her music is universally appealing— capable of connecting with just about anyone.

Marco Luka

Also known as one of Weston Estate’s main vocalists, Marco Luka found his sound last year when he dropped the excellent emotionally-driven banger “do me wrong”. Now, if Luka sticks to this sound, he’ll connect with more listeners and eventually blow up.


NoSo has been a breath of fresh air for us. Their current single “Suburbia” is still on heavy rotation, and it’s easily one of the best songs we’ve ever heard. With upcoming gigs and festival bookings this year, and also a full length project, expect NoSo to make more noise.

Kaien Cruz

Independent South African artist Kaien Cruz has already opened for Justin Bieber on tour, and recently released her three-track EP BUFFERING to generate a buzz until she drops a full-length album. Her music effortlessly blends R&B and afropop— it has this universal appeal that could potentially help her gain traction and become successful outside of her home country.

Kareen Lomax

Emerging singer-songwriter Kareen Lomax is a gifted vocalist— an artist that will be around for many years. Although she’s an R&B artist, she’s already showcased her versatility by working with electronic producers such as Paul Woolford and Diplo. That versatility gives her an advantage, and an opportunity to attract new listeners.


Rising Bay Area singer-songwriter Samaria had a great 2021, and we’re predicting her to have an even better 2022. Her releases “Stuck” and “Out the Way” were not only amazing, they both received a lot of support from bloggers and also editorial support on Spotify. Let’s hope she releases more music and showcases more of her mesmerising music.

Kenneth Cash

Kenneth Cash gives us 6LACK vibes— he can sing and rap with ease. It’s difficult to define the genre of his music, but it’s somewhere in between R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop with some indie and electronic elements. This guy is going to be a star one day.

Gemini Aaliyah

Leeds-based singer-songwriter Gemini Aaliyah is one of the most exciting artists to come out of the UK in recent years. Known for her dark aesthetics and gorgeous vocals over dark trap punk-infused beats which fits the current pop punk sound that’s on the rise right now.

Amber Ryann

Amber Ryann had a strong and consistent 2021, and if keeps it up this year, she’ll gain more traction and more fans. Combining pop, indie, rock and hip-hop, Ryann has a sound ready-made for festivals and arenas.


Tanzanian artist kezia has this amazing personality and sound that instantly draws you in. Last year she released her impressive debut EP claire, and we hope she releases more music this year because we believe she’s a few releases away from gaining more traction.


One of the UK’s best kept secrets, singer, songwriter and occasional rapper tmdistant showcased his versatility in 2021 with stunning releases such as “break”, “nothing new” and “mix it up”. These releases have placed him amongst some of the best emerging artists in the UK. He’s already planning to expand his sound and release more music in 2022, so expect him to make a lot of noise this year.


Queens, New York-born Thai-Chiliean alternative pop singer-songwriter Araya is an artist we’ve been watching closely. Like many artists on this list, his sound fits this current era of music, but what makes him standout from many artists is his cinematic visuals, his background in fashion and design— they’re all going to play an integral part on his rise to the top.


Not much is known about LUCA, but his debut single has recently gained a lot of traction, and has even been playlisted on Spotify. His music has this soulful R&B vibe that reminds us of Frank Ocean and Khalid. This kid is special, and we’re absolutely sure he’s got what it takes to be a star. Watch this space.

Mia Baron

At the age of 14, Canadian singer-songwriter Mia Baron is arguably the most talented 14 year-old singer in the world. As an artist and vocalist, her sound is somewhere in between Nelly Furtado and Rihanna. Excited to see where 2022 takes her.


Despite his young age, singer, songwriter and producer Boon is already pioneering a sound that has influenced many artists out there. Known for his dark pop sound which combines rock, indie, and electronic music, Boon is a once-in-a-generation artist that will make a lot of noise this year.


The underrated French singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB gained traction last year with her emotionally-driven single “Young”. This led to countless opportunities within the music industry and motivated her to start working on her debut EP which is set to drop this year.

Hunter Moreau

Hailing from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts and influenced by the likes of Stevie Nicks, Harry Styles and Frank Ocean, emerging bedroom pop artist Hunter Moreau is an artist we’re predicting to have a great year. She has a bright future ahead of her.


Chicago-based Zimbabwean artist Piwa has a captivating sound that’s somewhere in between old school R&B, hip-hop and indie. Her current single “No Fun” proves she’s one of the most exciting emerging artists around today. 2022 should be an amazing year for her.

Khi Infinite

When we talk to friends about some of the best up and coming artists around, Khi Infinite’s name always comes up. The rising star blends bedroom pop and alternative R&B to create his own unique sound. You’re going to hear a lot of about Khi Infinite this year.


Although German-Irish singer-songwriter vi0let only released three singles last year, overall 2021 turned out to be a solid year for her. She developed as an artist, performed at some of London’s well-known venues and she finally found her sound— she’ll be showcasing this sound when she releases her EP this year.


There isn’t much information about Parsa online, but what we know is that he’s capable of crafting a hit single. He has the potential to connect with many listeners worldwide thanks to his emotionally-driven lyrics and infectious melodies. If he releases more music this year, he could gain traction like Ali Gatie did a few years ago.

Featured Image: Keni

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