HEN$HAW bares his soul on electronic-centred new single “WITHOUT U”

Having spent the past two years releasing hard-hitting rap tracks filled with razor sharp deliveries and dynamic lyricism, London-based rapper HEN$HAW has decided to switch things up on his latest single “WITHOUT U”. Built over a captivating production by featured artist and producer 42CLO, the 20 year-old bares his soul by delivering his most personal track since “LOWKEY”. The emotional tone, echoing harmonies and catchy piano sample instantly draws listeners in, and for some, it may even hit home.

“‘WITHOUT U’ is the first time in a long time that I’ve really addressed the issues surrounding my life at the moment through song. Ive spent a lot of time running away from my feelings and emotions, and music seems to be the only thing that truly helps me convey those emotions. This song may relate to others in different ways, anyone whos going through some type of loss will be able to feel it, whether its loss of life, loss of love or something along those lines— its brutal honesty but thats how Ive always done things. I lost my mother in June of this year, a few days before her birthday, and I never really spoke about it, so I have this song as the start of me expressing myself through music again, because I spent the last year just aimlessly dropping hard rap cuts because I wanted to escape the negative feelings. I have to shout out my manager G for helping me get back into the swing of things, I love my team. This is also the first official HEN$HAW release produced by someone other than my brother chase, which is a big thing for us, but we both know 42CLO was worthy of that and he smashed it! Big up to the producers every time” — HEN$HAW

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