Finn Harry Drops Grungy New Single “SPLIT THE POWER”

Newcomer Finn Harry drops grungy new single “SPLIT THE POWER”, accompanied by a music video.

The guys over at DREAMS NEVER DIE continue to bless us with refreshing new acts on their roster, what makes these artists standout from others, is that they’re all capable of combining multiple genres into one to create their own unique and clever sounds. We’ve already heard Colby Lafayette’s The Neighbourhood-meets-Kendrick Lamar sound, Oliver Amun’s alternative hip-hop infused with indie pop sound and now the extremely talented Finn Harry, who will give you Frank Ocean-meets-Lenny Kravitz/Dave Grohl vibes. The 23 year-old Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has released a grungy new single titled “SPLIT THE POWER”. Laced with gorgeous soulful vocals built over a captivating production with hard rock and psychedelic influences, Finn Harry showcases his immense potential with a memorable single that will put his name on the map. Pay close attention from now on.

“I began this song with the idea of blending hard-rock influences with groovy drums and psychedelic synths to create a dense, futuristic punk rock song that builds to an exploding point. It’s about approaching a music career as an independent artist, dealing with outside forces who want you to water down and compartmentalize your sound. I played everything live (drums, guitar, bass, analog synth), which allowed me to create a wild, otherworldly soundscape that still feels organic and raw” Finn Harry.

Stream “SPLIT THE POWER” below:

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