Misty Galactic Releases New Single “i’m done”

Dark electro pop artist Misty Galactic releases breakup anthem “i’m done”.

This song has energy, it has sadness, it has anger, and her voice carries so much attitude and the lyrics reflect it all perfectly. Whoever it is she’s talking about, I’m done with him too. She has created a gorgeous world, one that focuses on lust, love, and liars.

Misty Galactic ended 2020 on a high with her inclusion at no. 39 in the Herald’s Top 100 tunes of the year. Now she makes her much awaited return with anthemic dark pop song “i’m done”. The song centres around moments of empowerment in bad relationships. “i’m done” is a story of realization, it’s about opening your eyes to your own worth and refusing to go any further without the respect you deserve.

The combination of different elements in the song gives me life. It’s this really upbeat, cheery electro pop production alongside deep and dark lyrics, and clearly shows Misty is exploring her range in genres— and it’s definitely working. My personal favourite parts of the song are the verses, she gives us insight into who she is, what she values and needs from a lover and the complications of this relationship.

Misty says:

“One day I hope I’ll get to see a whole row of girls screaming this at the top of their lungs down the front at a festival,”

Stream “i’m done” below:

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