Sophie Hunter — Nudes In My Bedroom

Brooklyn-based newcomer Sophie Hunter debuts with provocative and powerful alt-pop single “Nudes in My Bedroom”

I’m really feeling this one, her lyrics are so clearly her, they are provocative, honest, empowering and confident, and I feel all these things as I listen. Inspired by Playboy Carti beats ripped off YouTube, it feels like the start of a new kind of hot girl summer. The sound is something of a clinically depressed Norah Jones muddling through a trap phase.

She describes her music as ‘pop for the end of the world‘ and with lyrics like ‘why does the apocalypse make me wanna fuck?’ that seems very fitting. The video is a Marie Antoinette meets porn star moment, and it’s really working. Over candy coated visuals of smoking glitter and frills galore – the song flows perfectly. The whole thing just feels raw, it’s very much an artist doing what they wanna do, with no cares of what’s expected of them.

Just like many other artists, Sophie faced the worst in 2020. But she explains that this song (the first of four upcoming singles) are all patches of her life as she fell apart and put herself back together throughout the last year.

“I got so obsessed with taking nudes and posting them online, I wrote a song about it. After suffering cyber stocking and “revenge porn” for those some photos, I grew so ashamed of myself I could no longer listen to the demo. That’s how I knew it had to be the lead single. This is the sound of my surviving”Sophie Hunter.

Stream “Nudes In My Bedroom” below:

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