tmdistant — so bipolar

18 year-old artist tmdistant shows promise on anthemic new single “so bipolar”.

Whether it’s friendships or romantic relationships, people tend to find themselves in unhealthy relationships filled with betrayal, a lack of trust and petty arguments. Although he doesn’t give away much lyrically on who he’s talking about, 18 year-old singer, songwriter and rapper tmdistant details his experience dealing with difficult people in his life on new single “so bipolar”— his best release to date. He effortlessly combines multiple genres such as R&B, funk, trap and pop and delivers an anthemic song about fake love and fake people that change and leave, then expect to be welcomed with open arms when they return. Listeners will be able to interpret this song in their own way, and that’s what makes these sort of songs amazing.

“Even friends I’ve had in the past have been the same, always changing. I would hear different things people have said about me from others, while these same people show me love when they see me. I just wanted to share my experience and hope listeners can relate to it”tmdistant.

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Photo Credit: Sorin D

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