Babylung — Betrayal

Vancouver-based artist Babylung shares emotionally-charged single “Betrayal”

Being betrayed by someone you love can inflict so much damage— most of us have or will experience betrayal, and it hurts the most when we are betrayed by someone that really matters to us. Betrayal often ends relationships, and it can even take a long time to heal from the pain. Some people find it hard to trust and give themselves to a relationship again. Vancouver-based musician Babylung’s emotionally-charged and beautiful new single “Betrayal” is a tragic story of infidelity, told through the vivid imagery of being stabbed in the back. Pain.

You can hear the pain in his voice— his vocals delivered so passionately over a stunning production immediately draws you in. The chorus, although emotional, is beautiful and memorable. “Betrayal” will resonate with most listeners. Despite the roadblocks the COVID-19 pandemic created, Babylung turned them into creatives challenges and inspiration for his upcoming 3rd album To Live And Die In Surrey, set for release on 30th July. The cinematic music video directed by award winning director Carter Kirilenko helps tell the story of betrayal.

“I started to notice a pattern with Gen-Z and our struggle with commitment. Infidelity sadly isn’t uncommon and I noticed people in my life were dealing with deep emotional scars as a result. Relationships are almost dispensable to young people and I wanted ‘Betrayal’ to capture the grief it causes in its rawest form.”Babylung.

Stream “Betrayal” below:

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Photo Credit: Danny Astefan

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