Wallice And Marinelli Release New Track “Hey Michael”

Jazz school dropout Wallice releases indie pop track “Hey Michael”, a collaboration with LA-based Marinelli.

Don’t even know how I found this song (I listen to music instead of my thoughts), but this one has been on replay. The lyricism is so clever, it combines all these retro references with really modern concepts. For example, the talented, beautiful, and wonderful Wallice sings, “Hey Michael, you American psycho, where the hell did my night go?”, she sings “You don’t gotta say you like pulp fiction, I already know”… Uh yes, exactly.

If I had self control and could remember what happens when I go out I’m sure I would remember a boring Michael who wasted my time. Point is, too often we sacrifice our sweet social battery on lame, self-obsessed, garage band boys because we want to be polite. Wallice is done with it, and if Toronto ever gets out of lockdown then I’m f’n done with it too. Marinelli’s smoky sound hits after the second chorus and I hear him being Michael, or being some unapologetic guy Wallice is singing to? I don’t know but when you listen feel free to analyze with me.

What’s awesome about this song? Her voice. The lo-fi guitar. The visual of pushing a boring boy into the pool. That the two artists on it are the only two involved in the musical creation of the song (rare). Now that I have found Wallice, I want more Wallice. “Hey Michael” was her third release after Punching Bag, and 23released in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Stream “Hey Michael” below:

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Photo Credit: Jerry Maestas

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