Samaria Unveils Stunning New Single “Out the Way”

San Francisco Bay Area-based R&B singer-songwriter Samaria unveils stunning new single “Out the Way”.

I fell in love with Samaria’s breathtaking track “Foolish” back in 2018, and until this day that song is still on heavy rotation. People tend to say that R&B is dead or R&B isn’t the same anymore, I mean most of them are right, but they’re just not looking hard enough for new R&B music these days. The 24 year-old singer-songwriter grew up on a healthy diet of ’90’s and 00’s R&B/pop, some of her favourite artists include the late Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake. Coming from a supportive family, her early interest in music caught the attention of her late grandmother who offered incentives for good grades like piano lessons and Nickelodeon auditions to encourage her to pursue a career in the performing arts field.

Her latest offering “Out the Way” is built over a hard hitting R&B production with lo-fi influences as she delivers a soulful and stunning vocal performance with reflective lyricism about a past relationship. Instead of trying to repair any wounds, she decided to write this song and find her own inner peace.

“I found an old text thread between my ex and I on my laptop. I thought it had been deleted, but as I scrolled through our conversations I could pin point everywhere I went wrong. All of these things that I didn’t want to admit before were suddenly in my face and I couldn’t run from it anymore. It was too late for me to communicate that with him so I wrote it all down for myself”Samaria.

Stream “Out the Way” below:

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