Toronto’s Finest, DijahSB Releases New EP ‘Head Above The Waters’

Toronto-based rapper DijahSB releases new EP Head Above The Waters.

DijahSB is a lyrical genius because they are honest. They don’t shy away from the gripping reality that of depression, mental health, and financial instability, and through the voice of such an artist as this, these send such a hopeful message. Their music serves as a balm; a friend baring battle scars that might serve to soothe your own. Dijah’s sound is one that encourages, it inspires hope inside me, an independent artist as well, to continue the pursuit of happiness no matter the obstacles this world has for us. It’s for afternoons and after hours. It is music to dance to, to live to, it is music to get out of your bed and back to do doing what you believe in.

Their cadence, flow, and rich tone is something unique, paired with witty lyricism that exudes confidence, encouragement, and pure talent, this is a real artist. They take a balanced approach to their music, fusing candid, personal lyrics about their experiences as a black, non binary person navigating heartbreaks, breakthroughs with modern beats and infectious hooks. 

No seriously, the production of this album is crazy, like, it’s fucking awesome and it really stands out compared to other sounds in the hip-hop genre.

My favourite track is the title track, “Head Above the Waters”. Dijah raps, “The fight to survive, while the 1% touch a billy. 99 problems bet they all start to bill me…” , it tells a story of persistence despite the odds against you.

Of the focus track and album, Dijah shares:

“”New Harrison’ is probably my fave track on the album, accompanied by my boy Terrell Morris. We went to high school together and we’ve both been doing so well music wise it was only right that we linked up. Harrison is on the beat and it’s just a smooth record in total. I love to tap into the slower beats to really show off my abilities. ‘Head Above The Waters’ follows a theme, I wrote this album with that in mind, because at the time it’s what I needed to hear. so I know someone somewhere might need to hear it too. the waves might be crashing into you and trying to keep you from floating but you gotta keep coming up for air and try your hardest to keep your head above it.”

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