Hanna Mel Returns With New Single “Shy or Something”

Swedish dark pop sensation Hanna Mel returns with new single “Shy or Something”.

Sweden continues to bless with some of the best artists in pop music. Step forward 23 year-old singer, songwriter and producer Hanna Mel who redefines the genre on her own terms. Known for her direct and honest lyrics, she has delivered a stunning new single about the feelings of not knowing whether someone likes you back or not— which for most of us listeners, is so relatable. “Shy or Something” is a beautifully-written song with gorgeous melodies from start to finish. It’s also the first release off her upcoming EP, which is scheduled to be released later this year. Press play and add this gem to your playlists.

”You know the feeling when that *spark* might just be something you dreamt up in your head? Shy or Something is about two introverts having a crush on one another. Each too shy to admit it, and the frustration that it brings. I am a very introverted person myself, who easily gets quiet around large groups of new people. With this song, I wanted to play with the difference between being introverted or shy. Even though people might perceive them as the same thing – they feel totally different from within”Hanna Mel.

Stream “Shy or Something” below:

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