Plastic Skin Release Debut Track “No Plans”

Plastic Skin, the divine trio releases debut single “No Plans”.

So I’m flipping through submithub, I’m thinking about summer, I’m thinking about the sun outside and then I find this unique, replay worthy, genre bending, sweet, beautiful song. A song for people who love music, and who can help but dip their listening ear into every genre. I present to you “No Plans”… Once intern turned vocalist, Jorge Porragas sings to us ‘Come and stick your toes in the sand, I hope you made no plans’.

This song makes me dream of meeting a stranger on a beach somewhere across the world and spending the week in the sun with them, my toes in the sand, short lived love and that new friend laughter. Sunny afternoons filled with you know what…

Stunning lyrics float over the beautiful symphony that is Donovan Ferra of Fallen Roses and Eduardo Lopez. Their sound is a mixture of genres and influences swaying between lo-fi beats, bossa nova, jazz, r&b and Latin music. The project came to life after Donovan flew to Monterrey, Mexico to hang out with Eduardo. After a few months of working together, he discovered that one of the interns in Eduardo’s studio was a talented vocalist, and they began collaborating. “No Plans” is a re-worked version of a demo which Jorge had sitting on his SoundCloud, and the first demo that introduced Eduardo and Donovan to Jorge’s singing skills.

Btw. Yeah. It’s covid and I live in Canada. I have NO plans. 🙂

This is what Plastic Skin had to say about their release:

“Jorge initially wrote it just to make something that was fun and catchy, he wanted it to be the song you listen to when you were having a good time; to decorate happy memories . The song has a very lighthearted, chill vibe but with a little more complexity and energy.

Stream “No Plans” below:

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