Cora Onori Shares Cinematic “Free Falling” Visuals

Swedish artist Cora Onori shares cinematic music video for “Free Falling”.

Known as the “quiet one”, Malmö-based artist Cora Onori moved to the city from Stockholm to develop her musicianship by studying and collaborating with other artists. Her art has taken her to cities such as New York (she featured in Shuba Magazine in February 2018) and Valparaíso in Chile. Musically, she grew up performing with her brother’s punk band, but then suddenly fell in love with hip-hop— a genre that plays an important role in her own music. How does one describe her music? Well, it’s a combination of cloud rap, trap and elements dark R&B. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Lana Del Rey, A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott, her latest single “Free Falling” is a story about self-conflict, a war on the mind, built over a brooding trap-infused production that combines cinematic elements. The striking music video co-directed with Moncef Henaien is also cinematic and lets us explore Cora’s subconscious. A truly captivating watch from start to finish, Cora and Moncef have created a masterpiece that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Watch the music video:


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Photo Credit: Moncef Henaien

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