Underrated: Haley Smalls

There’s hundreds of underrated artists in the world, both unsigned and signed. They have it all; the voice, the songwriting ability, the charisma, the potential, but lack one significant thing holding them back — an abundance of support. Underrated is a series started to showcase these artists.

We start with Toronto, Ontario based singer, songwriter and engineer Haley Smalls. The Canadian songstress has been one of the best and consistent up and coming artists on the rise in the past few years. Working alongside producer Megaman (Drake, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Tyga), she has released four mixtapes and an EP to date, and has also developed a chemistry that can be heard in the music she’s released.

Why is she underrated?

Haley Smalls is both a singer and a songwriter with a distinctively appealing voice often sung over slick and well-polished productions suitable for the mainstream market. Smalls is not just an R&B singer, she’s also comfortable with other genres such as Reggae Fusion, Hip-Hop and Pop. She occasionally raps, and she doesn’t sound corny at all, in fact she’s better than A LOT of rappers out there.

With so many memorable cuts such as “All Yours”, “Dopamine”, “No Sleep”, “Ocean Floor” and the outstanding “Lie Pon Mi”, Haley Smalls has proved that she’s capable of crafting a hit single with ease. I’ve always believed that if an artist such as Rihanna sang “Lie Pon Mi”, that song would’ve been one of the biggest releases of 2017 without a doubt.

Although Haley Smalls is one of the most slept on artists around, she has built a loyal fan base since she dropped her debut project a few years ago. With over 62,000+ Facebook likes, 115,000+ YouTube subscribers, 16,000+ followers on Instagram and just over 3,000 Twitter followers, Smalls is still an artist on the rise and I have a feeling this year could be her breakthrough year.

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