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Toronto-based alt-pop artist ohlaur returns with new single “honestly”

Taking baby steps as a musician with a day job is the way forward. That’s what Toronto-based singer-songwriter ohlaur has been doing. Known for her introspective bright indie pop tracks with mainstream appeal, she’s back with her second single “honestly”, the follow up to her stunning debut single “romanticize”.

Built over a captivating production by Jason Couse from The Darcys, her sweet toned voice and gorgeous melodies instantly sticks with you. She effortlessly continues to take her own discomfort in life and turn into art. And, although “honestly” has emotional undertones, its brightness will make you want to take a long a drive through the sunshine, and say goodbye to your ex for good. Beautifully-written, this song is honestly one of the best releases so far this year— pun intended.

“I wrote this song about going through the realization that a relationship is over. Musically, I wanted the song to express the process of emotions one goes through in a breakup. You start feeling this immense anxiety and almost this denial that it’s over. But if you’re truly honest with yourself, you realize it isn’t meant to be and they aren’t actually ‘the one’. I think this is a process that a lot of people will resonate with, and maybe it’ll even help someone else realize that” — ohlaur

Stream “honestly” below:

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Photo Credit: Noelle Ochocinski

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