Ollie — Affection

Toronto-based rapper Ollie unveils vibrant new single “Affection”

Known for his DIY approach, Ollie or “Ollie Raps”, as some still refer to him, has been quietly making a name for himself in the North American music landscape as an independent artist, amassing more than 300+ million streams over the past 6 years.

His new single “Affection” is a warm and heartfelt track that addresses the emotions that surround being in a relationship where things may be unreciprocated. Built over a bright and bouncy guitar-infused production, his smooth flow gives his return a broad and absorbing feel, brimming with shimmering aesthetics throughout.

“My fans are my label, but more than that they are me. We’re a group of like-minded kids who’ve all been through similar struggles, felt the same pain and are together lonely. Music just happens to be the medium that connects us all” — Ollie.

Stream “Affection” below:

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