Mia Baron — Runaway

13 year-old Toronto-based artist Mia Baron shines on emotionally-driven new single “Runaway”

Mia Baron only began pursuing music a few years ago by recording covers of her favourite songs and posting them on social media. In the past year, the Toronto-based emerging singer-songwriter has been working on and releasing original music. Her new single “Runaway” was triggered by the anxiety of the pandemic. She wanted to escape all the craziness that was happening around her and disappear in hopes of getting rid of the stress and bad energy.

“Runaway” is a beautifully-written and emotionally-charged song by a spectacular 13 year-old singer-songwriter who bares her soul on a song that will hit home with many listeners and also leave them mesmerised when they find out her age. She delivers a breathtaking vocal performance which reminds us a little of Nelly Furtado’s on “All Good Things (Come To An End)” and Rihanna’s on “Rehab”. Amazing.

Stream “Runaway” below:

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