5 Underrated Artists You Need To Listen To

These are 5 underrated artists you really need to listen to.

After listening to two of the most anticipated albums of the year— DONDA and Certified Lover Boy, and feeling underwhelmed with both projects as I’ve been with most mainstream releases in recent years (except a few), I thought it would make sense to share 5 underappreciated artists who I feel deserve to be bigger than they are right now.


I’ve always said if I were an A&R at a major record label, the super talented Shaker would be one of the first artists I sign. Known for his captivating combination of hip-hop and dark R&B, and blessed with one of the most breathtaking voices you’ll hear today, Shaker is the definition of underrated.

FFO: Bazzi, The Weeknd, Darci etc.


Although IV4 has a collaboration with Trippie Redd, she’s still criminally slept on. The St. Louis-born, LA-based singer-songwriter crafts memorable songs that effortlessly infuse R&B with pop and hip-hop. She’s a few releases away from breaking through.

FFO: Rihanna, Saweetie, Doja Cat etc.

Issey Cross

If Issey Cross was American or even Canadian, she would’ve been a superstar right now. The London-based singer-songwriter has this visually striking look and she crafts some of the best music in pop today. 2021 has been a decent year, let’s hope in 2022 she truly gets the attention she deserves.

FFO: Billie Eilish, Alessia Cara, Kailee Morgue etc.


My dad got me into music as a kid, and he’s one tough man to please. 99% of the music today sounds horrible to him. But I remember three years ago I played him a song by YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB called “Oceans”, and I saw his face light up— he was impressed. That’s when I realised YBC was the real deal, we’ve been working together for the past three years and I think she’s honestly one of the most underappreciated artists there is today.

FFO: girl in red, Tracey Chapman, girlhouse etc.


I fell in love with Vi’s music after listening to her hauntingly beautiful EP Black Water three years ago. Afterwards, she went quiet for a few years, during this period I noticed that her mother and I followed each other on Instagram— and she seems so cool. Vi recently made a stellar return this year with “Victim” and “Sleep Through”, proving she’s still the Queen of Dark R&B. But, she deserves more. She deserves a breakthrough.

FFO: Amy Lee, Lorde, Banks etc.

Featured Image: Vi

Photo Credit: Tobe Franc

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