Meet Pop’s Next Big Thing Keni

We had the pleasure to chat to fast rising 20 year-old LA-based singer-songwriter Keni, who has just dropped visuals for her current single “Big Enough”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Keni has already garnered acclaim from respected outlets such as CLASH, Wonderland, Coup De Main and more in the past year thanks to her alternative pop with a biting edge music. Although she hasn’t got millions of streams or followers just yet, she’s one of the most talented emerging pop artists on the planet. Blessed with a breathtaking voice and not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, Keni has the ability to write captivating songs that range from bedroom pop to alternative rock. Her latest offering “Big Enough” is a guitar led track that showcases the penmanship and unique delivery that is quickly setting her apart.

Read our interview below:

DNü: Hello Keni, how are you doing?

Keni: Hii. I’m releasing a song today and getting sushi so I’m feeling honestly pretty awesome.

DNü: You haven’t released a single for a few months, what have you been doing?

Keni: lol yes I’ve been slacking. Honestly I’ve just been in the studio working or spending time with my friends.

DNü: Sounds cool. Anyway, let’s find out more about you. Whereabouts in LA are you from?

Keni: I’m from the Valley.. but I’m fully proud of it.

DNü: Nice! What’s it like there?

Keni: Hot. It’s actually a furnace at the moment.

DNü: Damn. What artists inspired you to become a musician?

Keni: A big one would be Phoebe Bridgers. I really respect her as a writer. Also Hannah Montana. She’s the first artist I remember watching and being like ‘I have to do that’ which is kinda lame but whatever I love her.

DNü: That’s not lame at all! Do you come from a musical family?

Keni: Not really actually. Both of my parents are most definitely tone deaf but my grandma was an insane pianist, but she’s the only musician I know of in my family.

DNü: Oh right. Do you have any other passions or interests?

Keni: I really love clothes and shopping hehe and also drawing sometimes even though I’m not that great at it. I’ve been trying to get into cooking but that’s not really going well for me. I’m an over salter and a bad direction follower.

DNü: What’s your favourite show on Netflix?

Keni: I haven’t been watching that much TV recently but I always go back to Gilmore Girls.

DNü: Oh okay. But, do you have any recommendations for me?

Keni: I would recommend Breaking Bad and Shameless— (Both of these are recommended by my friend Maddy because I don’t know anything about TV….embarrassing I know)

DNü: Breaking Bad is amazing, and thanks Maddy! Favourite artists right now?

Keni: This is one I can answer. Deb Never is really floating my boat recently. For some reason Weezer is on every one of my playlists this month? I’ve also really been loving Avril lately— (And on the down low I’ve really been vibing with Katy Perry….)

DNü: Out of all the three singles you’ve released so far, which one is your favourite and why?

Keni: My favorite is probably Sid and Nancy. The creative process and the birth of that song was so special to me. I made it with one of my really good friends and producer Jake Weinberg in my manager’s house. It was such family vibes and pure and will just live in my heart forever.

DNü: Amazing song. You’ve just released your new single “Big Enough” and it’s another banger. You just can’t miss. Talk us through the creative process.

Keni: Hehe thank you very much. I wrote this song after this guy I was seeing told me I should have a backup plan if my “little music thing” doesn’t work out. I’m not sure what this man’s definition of pillow talk is but he obviously doesn’t have the correct one. I left immediately (duh) and was just so frustrated. I wrote ‘Big Enough’ with steam coming out of my ears. The funny thing is this guy is/was trying to be a musician and couldn’t even play a guitar, big lol.

DNü: Haha bloody hell mate— he’ll regret saying that. What message are you trying to convey on the song?

Keni: I was imagining me gaining recognition for my music and how people like that guy will come try to get back in my life. Usually it’s the people who are insecure in themselves and just scared of life who have the most negative opinions about others. I wanted this song to be an ode to anyone but especially young women who know what they want. This song is also a reminder to me and anyone else who can relate to not waste your time with people who bring down your energy. Put yourself and your aspirations first. Always.

DNü: Facts. Also, once again, your vocal performance on this song is wow, stunning as usual. What’s the secret to sounding this amazing?

Keni: You’re gassing me up TOO much.. I actually had to redo vocals on this song so many times because during the recording I got sick and couldn’t sing. Honestly feel bad for my producers and manager who had to listen to me croak like a frog for a week.

DNü: Ah man. Do you have any upcoming gigs you want to plug?

Keni: I don’t have any dates yet but there are shows in the works which I’m literally so excited about. I’ll definitely post about it on socials if anyone wants to see. My instagram is @kenititus 🙂

DNü: We hope “Big Enough” blows up because you deserve to be a star. What can we expect next?

Keni: I hope so too :,) — Expect the unexpected. Jk, you can expect a bunch more music and music videos to match. I’m excited and I hope you are too.

Stream “Big Enough” below:

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