Rachel Huggins Shares Uplifting New Single “Take Control”

London-based singer-songwriter Rachel Huggins has been an emerging talent within the UK scene for over a decade, she has lent her voice as a singer to a variety of other artists and songs, she’s a two-time finalist in the BBC’s Gospel Choir of the Year as a backing vocalist for DJ Vadim and Sola Rosa, and has even performed at the world renowned festival Glastonbury.

Her recently released single “TAKE CONTROL” is an uplifting track that combines elements of soul, jazz and disco well. Content wise, it’s both personal and political, she sings about freedom and finding the strength to pursue a life that’s right for you — a sentiment most listeners can relate to.

“Ultimately, it’s about taking control of your life by getting your ‘house in order’. Whether that be spiritually, financially, the relationships or friendships you have, anything that slows you down that needs to be stripped away. Acquiring freedom to express without inhibition. Sometimes we care so much about the thoughts of others we lose ourselves and momentarily become what others want or expect whilst suppressing who we really are.”Rachel Huggins.

“TAKE CONTROL” is the first single taken from her forthcoming EP KEEP DREAMING, which is due out sometime next year,

Listen to “Take Control” below:

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