ohlaur — romanticize

Toronto-based artist ohlaur releases debut single “romanticize”

After spending much of her childhood headlining shows in her family’s living room, it eventually took a pandemic-fuelled lockdown for Toronto-based artist ohlaur to sit down and finally listen to that nagging voice in her head. That voice finally made her realise she needed to share her music with the world. Today, she has blessed us with her debut single, “romanticize”, an empowering song that explores social media comparison and its effects on our lives.

Built over a lush indie pop production, ohlaur’s sweet vocals instantly draw listeners in as she touches on a topic that many of us will resonate with. While many new artists often take the safe route with their debuts, ohlaur kickstarts hers with brutal honesty and authenticity. We’re glad she finally listened to that voice in her head.

“I wrote this song during a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed with social media and constantly comparing myself to everyone else. The intro felt very romantic to me and it clicked – so many things on social media are truly romanticized, yet we still compare ourselves so much. I often wonder if we, as a society, are ready to talk about it? Are you?” ohlaur.

Stream “romanticize” below:

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