Moneá — check in

Alternative R&B artist Moneá returns with stunning new single “check in”

Richmond, VA-based emerging artist Moneá has already released one of the best songs you’ll hear this year— “my eyes are open” is a song we’ve been playing at our recent open mics, live gigs and networking events. It’s a song that definitely deserves more attention.

After performing abroad for the first time, in our own city London (we’re sad we missed this one), she’s back with her stunning new single “check in”. Once again her dreamy vocals instantly draw you in, effortlessly matching with the soulful production. Lyrically, she encourages herself as well as her fans to take a moment to stop, be still and check-in with themselves. She acknowledges how simple it is to get lost in a hectic sea of to-do lists and delivers a soothing R&B vibe that works perfectly with her meditative and upbeat attitude that we have come to know and love.

Stream “check in” below:

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