HEN$HAW shares intense new single “CHALK AND CHEESE” after going viral on TikTok

After posting a snippet on TikTok that went viral a day before former UK Prime minister Liz Truss’ resignation last month, Camden rapper HEN$HAW has finally released his much anticipated punk-infused new single “CHALK AND CHEESE”. Produced by frequent collaborator goodbyechase and Mattu, the 21 year-old wanted to emulate how the British public, in particular the youth, feel in the current state of the country.

“I also wanted to have fun and show the side of us that gets demonised so much in the press, which I feel like is lacking right now in the UK music scene. I’m not into politics nor am I a political artist, but I feel like the rich and powerful people in this country shouldn’t be telling the poor and working class how to run their lives. This is clear when they haven’t actually seen or experienced the troubles everyday people go through, so how could they begin to understand the struggles? I’m not surprised this tune took off on tiktok, even though I posted the snippet off a whim. People have been pushed to feel angry and somewhat rebellious, and I think this song resonates with a lot of those people”HEN$HAW

The accompanying music video directed by BVDLVD, was shot and edited in 24 hours. HEN$HAW will be supporting Blazer Boccle at The Old Blue Last in London on 6th December. Tickets available here.

Stream “CHALK AND CHEESE” below:

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