Fred Jones — Left Right

London-based artist Fred Jones shines on cloud rap banger “Left Right”

After avoiding the mainstream charts and listening to radio for a couple of years, earlier this week I took a look at the Official Charts and turned on the radio to hear what was being played, and man, in my honest opinion I feel the quality of mainstream music continues to go downhill— especially here in the UK. There isn’t a lot of artists taking risks or trying to stand out.

However, there’s a plethora of amazing up and coming artists within the underground scenes that are creating their own unique sounds like East London’s Fred Jones. Born and bred in Newham, the emerging artist was involved in a life-changing incident that involved him being run over and left for dead. After several hours of crucial surgery and later delving into the world of philosophy, spirituality and anthropology, the enigmatic artist started experimenting and merging his raw Grime patterns with cloud rap melodies, playfully arranged on top of hard hitting punk-infused, futuristic trap and nostalgic bedroom pop fusions.

His latest offering “Left Right” is a refreshing cloud rap track which truly showcases his personality as well as his versatility as an artist. His high-pitched voice flows over a trap-infused spacey production— it’s both catchy and memorable. Director and photographer Lauren Luxenberg brings the song to life with a striking music video. Fred Jones is eccentric for sure, but he’s a one of a kind artist whose personality and creativity reminds me of the late ODB.

Stream “Left Right” below:

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Photo Credit: Lauren Luxenberg

Fresh Sounds [12/04/2024]