B00sted — Lose Anything

B00sted releases visuals for “Lose Anything”

Known for blending pop and hip-hop, BC-raised artist B00sted has unveiled visuals for his latest offering “Lose Anything”. Effortlessly combining rap-sung melodies over a moody R&B production, he touches on the subject of unrequited love— a feeling most listeners will resonate with.

‘Lose Anything’ is a song about some of the feelings you may face after a breakup. Breakups suck; and you can find yourself unable to process all of your emotions at once. In this song, I talk about the feeling of being lost & how tough it can get. In the hook I say, “I feel like I’m running but I’m running in silence”, I’m trying to say I’ve been doing a lot for this certain person but I’m not receiving the same back. I bring these feelings into a Hip Hop/Pop & R&B kinda vibe.” — B00sted.

Stream “Lose Anything” below:

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