7th Obi — heartrender

7th Obi releases moody new single “heartrender”

Afro-Irish artist 7th Obi has been pretty consistent recently, releasing impressive tracks such as “8”, “the alchemist” and “replace me” in the past few months. Today, he’s unveiled his second single of the year, “heartrender”, a moody trap-infused track produced by Malaysian producer Joel T.

The track has this infectious space vibe that instantly draws you in. Obi once again showcases his ever improving knack for creating R&B-infused rap— effortlessly creating a late night vibe with replay value. Its lyrical content is something which will connect more with artists and creatives out there— he takes a look at being an artist split between his love for music and relationship— the physical and emotional distance this creates. Brilliant.

“This song for me is a continuation into vulnerability in my music, Heartrender is something for my fellow creatives. Our hearts are overflowing with love, and while relationships can be fulfilling, at times it can be a very narrow way to express the love we have in our hearts.”7th Obi

Stream “heartrender” below:

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