Bonze — A Place (Inside My Head)

London based alt-pop artist Bonze shares atmospheric new single “A Place (Inside My Head)”

Bonze, whose real name is Jack Reardon makes his DNü debut with his atmospheric new single “A Place (Inside My Head)”. He works as a trained psychotherapist during the day, these themes frequently appear in his songs. With the help of his combined music experiences, which go back more than ten years, Bonze is pushing himself toward excellence while being motivated by personal desires.

His luscious vocals and songwriting prowess are beautifully displayed on “A Place (Inside My Head)” which is created atop a magnificent electronic-centred production. The song is primarily about acceptance and mental health. Listeners will be able to relate to this and appreciate the song’s contagious hook because, in his opinion, we all have an inner critic and unhappy portions of ourselves to some extent.

“‘A Place (Inside My Head)’ is about how we can get out of denial by embracing this place in our head that says “nothing’s getting better”, only then can we look at what actually could be better and feel fully integrated as people instead of avoiding this inner, seemingly negative, place.”Bonze.

Stream “A Place (Inside My Head)” below:

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