Ben Kidson Drops Alternative Pop Banger “Money”

Just when we thought we wrapped up our end of year lists, Ben Kidson has appeared out of nowhere with one of the best songs you’ll hear this year. The singer-songwriter who grew up on My Chemical Romance, Nirvana and The 1975, never considered pop music to be a path he could access, however his new single “Money” is an alternative pop gem with sprinkles of R&B and electronic throughout.

“I was playing demos to my mates who were shocked that it was so pop driven. I’d always been this super ‘anti-chart music’ guy and hadn’t really listened to anything that was happening at the time, someone all joked that what I was making was “accidental pop music” and from there it stuck”Ben Kidson.

“Money” is one of the most captivating singles we’ve heard this year — built over a thumping production, the self-taught musician shines with a breathtaking vocal performance. Press play and imagine hearing this live. Wow.

Listen to “Money” below:

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