93FEETOFSMOKE x phem x tosh the drummer — FUCKED OVER

93FEETOFSMOKE teams up with phem and tosh the drummer on new single “FUCKED OVER”

Emerging artist 93FEETOFSMOKE makes his DNü debut with his new single “FUCKED OVER”, a stunning collaboration with phem and tosh the drummer which combines the alternative/emo sound of the 2000s with a modern production. Although the song is loud and full of energy, it touches on a relatable message of getting blindsided by someone’s intentions.

“It sucks to get played by someone you trusted. Or to find out that one roommate you found off craigslist has been stealing your things and then helping you look for it. The message to me is really localized in that moment of ‘seeing the light’ and realizing your gut was never wrong”93FEETOFSMOKE.

Stream “FUCKED OVER” below:

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