Porsh Bet$ — Here

Porsh Bet$ drops new single “Here”, taken from his long-awaited new EP Things In The Way

Known for blending multiple genres such as indie, rock, emo rap and pop, emerging artist Porsh Bet$ has unveiled his long-awaited new EP, Things In The Way, which features previously released tracks “2 The Weekend”, “Neiman Marcus”, title track “Things In The Way”, and the standout track “Here” which is what we’re focused on today.

“Here” is a vibrant track perfect for a trip to the beach with friends that showcases his undeniable talent for earworm hooks. It’s difficult to box this in one particular genre, but there’s elements of indie pop, surf rock, bedroom pop and cloud rap, which Porsh Bet$ displays with ease. We have a feeling this song’s mainstream appeal will help him gain new fans around the world.

Stream “Here” below:

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