10 Alternative UK Underground Artists To Watch [2022]

These are 10 alternative UK underground artists you need to pay attention to right now

The alternative underground rap scene in the UK was a pretty dark place a few years ago— many artists were in the game for the wrong reasons. Also, most of the artists coming up around that time were more focused on numbers (streams, views, followers etc) instead of actually developing their own sound and building a community. Fast forward to 2022, we’re now seeing less egos and more talent.

I’ve compiled a new list featuring 10 alternative UK underground artists you need to pay attention right now. These artists have spent the past two years working on their craft, studying the game, and now they’re ready to showcase their artistry. Lockdown was a blessing in disguise.


Born in Birmingham, UK, emerging rap artist UNDERWATERKASH spent most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia until the age of 18 when he moved to Manchester, UK. Known for his experimental trap sound which is often combined with hip-hop, and at times electro punk, the now London-based artist is quietly developing an exciting new sound that should attract a lot of attention soon.


Deijuvhs is another artist known for combining multiple genres to create his own unique sound. His punk-infused raps have already made him one of the most exciting artists within the underground scene here in the UK.


21 year-old South London native Scuti is known for her dark and enticing sound. And she can out-rap most rappers out there. A truly gifted rapper with a bright future ahead of her.

Fred Jones

East London-based rapper and creative Fred Jones is the most unique rapper I’ve ever come across within the underground scene. This is a young man doing what he wants, how he wants and I love it. If you’re into moody cloud rap vibes, then give him a listen today.

Tm & Remy

I’ve been working with alt-drill duo Tm & Remy for the past three years, and in the past year we’ve developed a sound that appeals to alt-rap, emo rap and mainstream drill fans. The Hertfordshire-raised duo have also built a cult following in the London and South East region thanks to their gritty and energetic sound.


Based in London, American-Nigerian rapper Maison2500 makes music that sounds like a combination of Kid Cudi and Playboi Carti. His infectious sound has already won him fans on both sides of the Atlantic.


The 20 year-old rapper from Bournemouth is probably the best rapper on this list. Exuding confidence, his dynamic flow, expansive lyricism and catchy melodies have made him one of the most exciting rappers outside in the underground scene.


Another artist not particularly concerned about genre, Nottingham based rap artist ODOX has can rap with the best and he can even set the stage on fire with hard-hitting hype songs as we witnessed at our show back in March.


There’s not a lot of information about Fimiguerrero online, but this guy is the real deal. He reminds me of Lancey Foux, however in his own unique way. Keep your eyes on this kid.

Kanashī + Qwade White

I decided to add both Kanashī and Qwade White on this list as their chemistry has been a breath of fresh air this year. Their current single “55555” is one of the hardest underground rap tracks you’ll hear this year. With a fanbase that continues to grow on a daily basis, there’s definitely potential for these two to go far.

Honourable Mention: VXMOB, L E M F R E C K, Lowna and VGO.