Juliana Dominguez — hey pretty boy

18 year-old artist Juliana Dominguez shares impressive debut single “hey pretty boy”

Packing a melodic charm, 18 year-old newcomer Juliana Dominguez makes her DNü debut with her impressive debut single “hey pretty boy“. Lyrically, she describes the feelings of anxiety and disappointment after being brushed off by a boy she had been seeing.

“I wrote it about a boy that I had been seeing. I texted him, ‘hey pretty boy :),’ and asked if he wanted to hang out. He said he was busy and kind of brushed me off. I was a little anxious and upset about it, but decided to channel that energy into a song. I looked back at the text, “hey pretty boy :),” and thought to myself, “that should be a song,” so I got to writing. I wrote, produced, arranged, and performed ‘hey pretty boy.'”Juliana Dominguez.

Laced with gorgeous melodies throughout and lyrics that will resonate with listeners, Juliana Dominguez has released one of the best debut singles of the year. It’s so good that it has already been played on Amazing Radio US and the UK.

Stream “hey pretty boy” below:

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