Vi — Dead To You

Canadian alt-pop artist Vi dives into darkness with new single “Dead To You”

Ever since we found “Demons” on SoundCloud a few years ago, emerging Toronto-based artist Vi has been on our radar. Her mesmerising vocal performance and dark melodies over a trap-infused production paired with vulnerable lyrics instantly hooked us in— it sounded something like Amy Lee hopping on a dark R&B production. After taking a hiatus to reflect and focus on creating new music, she made her comeback last year with the spine-chilling “Victim”, and today she dives into the darkness of heartbreak with the release of her stunning new single “Dead To You”, taken from her upcoming album Afterlife.

On “Dead To You” she enters a new era of her career as she showcases an edgier side. Lyrically, the song is about moving on from that toxic ex, to the point where they are completely dead to you. It’s relatable, loud, anthemic and built over a solid rock production with elements of pop. Overall, “Dead To You” is nothing short of breathtaking— Vi is ready to takeover with a sound that’s truly unique. Make sure you watch the stunning performance music video below too.

“Dead to You isn’t like anything else you’ve heard from me before, I love that I get to show my range as an artist; I think that’s an important part of an artist’s evolution” Vi.

Stream “Dead To You” below:

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Photo Credit: Alyssa Lancaster

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