Fresh Sounds [04/02/2022]

Another Fresh Sounds list stacked with amazing new releases!

It’s Friday— New Music Friday! This week is stacked with more amazing new releases by artists such as the underrated Canadian artist Basha, fast rising Jamaican-American artist BEAM and the return of one of our favourites, Seattle’s trap R&B queen EMI. All of these songs also feature on our main playlist THE NÜ— you can follow the playlist here.

Basha — Balance

Basha is without a doubt one of the most underrated artists on the planet. Every song he has released since his debut has been nothing short of amazing. His latest offering “Balance” is his best yet— it’s catchy, well-written and most importantly, it has mainstream appeal.

Teflon Sega — Oh Yeah

The mysterious Teflon Sega has blessed us with another classic. “Oh Yeah” has been around for three years, but today, it’s finally available to stream on all DSP’s. It’s arguably his best song, this will be on repeat for the rest of the year.

BEAM x Vory — 30mpgs

Taken from his new project ALIEN, “30mpgs” is the latest collaboration between the multi-talented artists BEAM and Vory. They deliver a memorable performance over a bouncy production produced by Smash David and Ben Billions.


Seattle-based EMI is known for her captivating trap-infused R&B which has won her thousands of fans over the past few years. After a quiet 2021, she’s back with a bang. She’s at her very best on the bouncy “BLOOD”— welcome back EMI, we missed you!


Milton Keynes-based DIY artist V.RI made a stunning return with his best release to date “LIGHT ACTION”— showcasing his evolution as an artist. Built over a solid production, the songs catchy melodies and anthemic chorus instantly sticks with you.

STRVCK — Calling in Sick

Austin, Texas-based STRVCK have a delivered an anthemic electronic-centred dreamy pop rock banger that proclaims like a howl into the night, “Tonights too good to let it end, we’re calling in sick in the morning, we should probably stay in bed, we’re calling in sick in the morning!” — lyrically, it’s about giving into your true desires, and being completely present in a moment of passion. So relatable.

Taliwhoah — Playbook

Taliwhoah returns with another beautifully-written Afro-Soul track— although “Playbook” has emotional undertones, it’s the perfect song to vibe to late at night.

Calabasas — The Mend

Los Angeles duo Calabasas are back with another catchy single, “The Mend”. The indie pop track is built over a lush production and has a lot of mainstream appeal.

Parsa — Grow Old With You

Mysterious artist Parsa returns with another sweet single “Grow Old With You”. It’s so refreshing to hear a grown man consistently show his affection for his significant other. Keep up Parsa!

Featured Image: Basha

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