Celine Love — Good Girl

London-based singer-songwriter Celine Love shares new single “Good Girl”

With artists such as Alessia Cara, Lianne La Havas and Ama Lou as her biggest inspirations, Hamburg born, London-based indie R&B singer-songwriter Celine Love draws from her combined influences, totally owning her own unique brand of heartfelt R&B infused with pop, with folk storytelling sensibilities. Being of African-American, Jamaican and German descent, her background is a frequent point of perspective within her music.

Her new single “Good Girl”, produced R&B/Trap Producer TR33, is the final single taken from her upcoming debut EP Aquarius SZN, due out on 16th February. Laced with gorgeous melodies throughout, Love’s soulful vocals flow beautifully over the lush production. Lyrically, the song is beautifully-written too, she remembers her worth, stops pretending and becomes more assertive as she stops playing the good girl. The song has a great message for listeners— women especially. She recorded the song at home in her closet, while her dad record the bass virtually, giving the track an endearing charm and DIY feel.

“The inspiration behind this song was my desire to shed the ‘Good Girl’ image that has been almost imposed on me by my family, and in turn I always felt that’s the way I needed to be in order to be accepted. I’ve always been afraid of being judged, but this year has been a huge journey of self-love and growth and coming to terms with the fact that sometimes I’m not at my best – and that’s ok. I am an overthinking, people-pleasing, stubborn, either emotionally unavailable or far too available Aquarius and needed to own that! My hope is that my music inspires people to be more vulnerable about their struggles with people who care about them. It can be a great trait to not want to burden others but some people are happy to share the weight. Own your truth, be a good girl, be a bad girl or don’t be a girl at all. No one but yourself makes up the rules!”Celine Love.

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