The Feel Good Song That Will Remind You To Believe In Yourself, CHASE PAVES’ “AFTERWORK”

Introducing SF Valley-bred CHASE PAVES and his new single “AFTERWORK”.

I really love Chase’s voice, I love his lyricism, I love his flow. I love the change in the pace, and vocals throughout this song. I love the melodies, I love the sirens echoing behind the track. I love the confidence he exudes with every bar. It’s really an awesome song and people should watch out for an artist who’s got this kind of power in their sound. This song speaks to the internal emotional rollercoaster that is being a musician in an industry and cutthroat and competitive as this one. The only way to make it is to believe 100% in yourself.

Since picking up drum-sticks as a child and keeping the beat at his community church, PAVES knew pursuing music was his one and only path to pave. The song is driven by moments of following a 9-5 that always reminded CHASE that he’s the boss of his own reality. The infamous Berklee School of Music student created a song that tells the story of his pursuit of full-time music-making-fulfillment. The result is “AFTERWORK”, a sonic testament to how down-to-earth CHASE is that speaks from the soul while illuminating his surroundings with an otherworldly shine. 

The music video is a trippy dream, bound to keep your attention on his unique brand as an artist that goes beyond any one sound and asks you to fall right into his world of warmth and wonder

“It’s about me taking a chance on myself and becoming a music artist because I’m never going to have a 9 to 5, or work for someone else’s interest over mine. I’m taking a chance because I know it’s going to take me on a trip…”CHASE PAVES.

Stream “AFTERWORK” below:

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