Kovey Coles Drops Sensational New Song “Temporary Hold”

Emerging artist and producer Kovey Coles drops sensational new song “Temporary Hold”.

The world needs more artists like Kovey Coles. Why? This dude is the definition a true artist. Just by looking at his Instagram page where he often posts videos playing music on his guitar, drums and more, and listening to his music, you can see and hear a passionate musician. However, in today’s society, somehow the number of streams an artist has determines quality or helps an artist gain traction. How sad. Kovey Coles is insanely talented don’t get it twisted. His latest offering “Temporary Hold” is an electrifying eclectic track which seamlessly combines elements of indie rock and alternative hip-hop well. Despite its feel good vibe and its universal appeal, lyrically, this is a very serious song where he details how consumerism and capitalism exploit black Americans. He showcases his brilliant writing, production, singing and rapping on a song that’s in the vein of other left-of-centre creatives like Frank Ocean, Steve Lacey, King Krule, and BROCKHAMPTON.

Stream “Temporary Hold” below:

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