The Sound You Need. EREZ Releases New Single “Modern Dream”

NYC born, Israeli-raised, LA based queer artist and producer EREZ releases the echo of our times, “Modern Dream”.

10 seconds into this song I was already texting the boss calling the write up for this one. There is something so unique and beautiful about this song. It feels so . It feels so intensely like an artist doing exactly what they want to do, it feels like a perfect expression of art and the current twisted conditions of modern youth. This song is both cryptic, and gorgeous.

‘We get off by touching screens…Validation from the rest… Feed the ego to survive… ‘, just a few lyrics from this masterpiece of a song that really stood out to me. She is really asking you to consider what drives you forward without really hating on the condition we are all in, because as she said it’s really the machine to blame. In the song she talks about how we are taught to relate ourselves in through external stimuli.

I personally am extremely addicted to TikTok, instagram, and the affection + validation that we gain from social media, it has become so engrained into who I think I am because I’ve had apps like instagram since I was eleven. This song really resonates with me, I feel heard in my confusion and struggle to be seen.

She has been writing music since she was six so it’s no wonder that this song is as profoundly deep, original, insightful, and melodically perfect as it is.

EREZ shares:

Modern Dream’ is just me self reflecting and questions the place and power of technology and socials in my life and our collective lives as humans – therefore the constant use of the word ‘we’ and not ‘I’ or ‘you’ or ‘they’. I’m trying to get across a simple question – are we part of the machine or not? This hunger for fame, validation and recognition is often external and learned. Who is teaching us to crave this? The machine. The machine that makes money off us thinking that this is the route to happiness, success and fulfillment. While the truth is, those things really only come from within. (Easier said than done yea). Yes we all are looking to be validated by our friends, family and peers but to what extent?”

Stream “Modern Dream” below:

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