Breakout And Breakdown To Kaelin Kost’s New Song “Lightning Love”

300 Entertainment’s Indie Pop star Kaelin Kost is back with another riveting hit “Lightning Love”.

In 1 minute and 52 seconds I felt a whirlwind of emotions for Kaelin Kost. The lyrics and emotional vulnerability that shines through her vocals are truly stunning and this song really stands out in comparison to other recent indie pop releases. There is something so honest and raw about this song, whether it is a memory or dream that inspired this song, I feel enraptured by it.

“What we’ve become it’s not like us / I’ve got wings and you’re the lightning / You strike me”. It is toxic relationship coated in the sweetness of bedroom eyes and passion. It is the urgency we feel for others when they manage to fill our thoughts and bodies with the question, what will they make me feel next? Lightning or summer rain? Sunshine or thunder?

The quality of her voice is provocative and inspiring. The acoustic instrumental pairs perfectly with such a lovesick story. Kaelin grew up in Pittsburgh, performing in local bands and honing her creative writing and visual art skills. She is now Brooklyn-based working professionally as a print designer, where her works have been featured on runways during New York and Australian fashion weeks, and worn by celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Victoria Justice. A creative such as Kaelin is bound to make it big, and I feel she embodies what is in modern music

Stolen from my DMs with Kaelin, she talks about how this song compares to her debut, more a-side release “Mulholland Drive” released in March:

“It’s way more close to me. The recording is really nostalgic/sweet sounding but the lyrics are really about something quite toxic, so I like that contrast ya know. More of a B side kinda record but it’s one of my faves”.

Stream “Lightning Love” below:

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Photo Credit: Joseph Pepin

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