Taylor Roche — similar feeling

Auckland-based artist Taylor Roche releases new single “similar feeling”

The pop artist based in Auckland, New Zealand is an artist that deserves all your attention right now. His latest offering “similar feeling” is a beautifully-sung track built over a lush production that has California vibes throughout.

The single effortlessly combines 90’s pop and R&B, and lyrically details the feeling of moving on from someone, discovering a ‘similar feeling’ in someone else, only to realise that you truly haven’t moved on, you’re just filling a void with someone new that gives a familiar feeling to what you used to loved. Many listeners will be able to instantly resonate with this .

Although we’ve never cared about stats or numbers, after listening to Taylor Roche, we believe he’s truly an underrated artist. Artists like him are the reason why DNü exists. We’re here to share music by exciting emerging artists from all around the world, and Taylor Roche has the potential to do great things. Add this gem to your playlists.

Stream “similar feeling” below:

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