Fixupboy — Anime Girl

Genre-bending prodigy Fixupboy returns with new single “Anime Girl”

Emerging artist Fixupboy has been releasing music since 2019, and recently went viral on TikTok with “Overdose”, a track off his Pink Roses project. His latest offering “Anime Girl” is not only about his love for anime and the stories within, but it’s also an emotionally-charged song about being vulnerable and unapologetically proud of what makes you unique. Staying true to his emo-trap background, he’s delivered another vibrant track with replay value.

“‘Anime Girl’ is a melodic anthem celebrating and embracing e-girls, cosplayers & anime lovers alike. As the track title reads, it was made for the girls that love or even have an interest in anime but of course, it’s for everybody to enjoy and take in”Fixupboy.

Stream “Anime Girl” below:

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