Swedish Artist Bavé Drops Excellent Debut Single “Kimberly White”

Not much is known about Swedish artist Bavé except he aims to redefine R&B and make it cooler. On his debut single “Kimberly White” he excels beyond expectations, it’s one of the best debuts you’ll hear all year. Leaning more on the alternative R&B sound, “Kimberly White” is stylistically similar to the likes of Frank Ocean and Blood Orange, the difference being Bavé’s distinctive vocals — which is out of this world.

The song is written by Bavé and co-produced together with his close friend Leo Goldmann, while living on an island outside of Stockholm, Sweden. It’s also the first track taken from his upcoming debut EP Vermouth, which will be released later this year. Press play.

Listen to “Kimberly White” below:

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Photography: Banfa Jawla

Stylist: Alexander Urombi

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