Meet Mysterious Danish Artist Eredaze

I’ve always connected best with melancholic songs for some reason — they say music has the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses in listeners and mysterious Danish artist Eredaze recently did this to me. I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the rising star and get to know him a little bit more before he becomes a superstar.

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What city in Denmark are you representing? 

I’m from a little city called Frederiksværk, which is a 35 minute drive from Copenhagen.

What’s the music industry like in Denmark? 

I don’t feel like I can give you a qualified answer on this topic.

You’ve recently released your debut project ‘Lost Somewhere In My Mind’, the sound is eclectic. What inspired this? 

I think it just naturally became eclectic as I just love music, so I listen to so much different stuff, and always have, I grew up on rock bands like: Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin etc. And pop rock bands like; Panic At The Disco, Paramore and Fall Out Boy, but as I’ve become older I started to listen to a lot of hip hop as well. But yeah I really just love music in general and have a broad taste. And if I listen to a beat and I connect with it imma jump on it. I don’t think to much about having one specific sound. 

Some great bands there. How long did you work on the project? 

I actually worked on it for a pretty long time, I’d say about 10 months. But that was mainly due to me being so new to recording music, so I was trying to figure out how to record well and how to mix my stuff so that it sounded how I wanted it to. 

Well, you did a great job man. What’s the story behind “22 Years Old”? 

Honestly ”22 Years Old” was inspired by me going through a rough time. Started having some pretty bad panic attacks and just general anxiety which fucked me up pretty bad for a while and was feeling like shit didn’t matter. So that’s how it came about.

I understand. Out of all the big artists, which one would you compare your sound to? 

I’m not really sure, I really like artists like Juice WRLD, Post Malone and XXXtentacion because they fuse genres often on trap beats with elements of rock / emo. I feel like they are inspired by a lot of different music like I am. So I really like these artists. 

Do you plan to release visuals in the near future? 

I would love to do that, hopefully I can make that happen in the near future. 

What challenges do you face as an up and coming artist in Denmark? 

I think the challenge is that it’s very hard to become something big in Denmark due to the country being such a small country as it is (population of around 7 million). So I feel like if you really wanna get big you have to try and make it outside of Denmark. 

Do you have any aims/goals? 

My goal is definitely to make something of myself with my music as that is my biggest passion and that’s what I feel like I’m meant to do, so I definitely hope I can make that happen. 

My fingers are crossed for you! What’s next? 

What’s next for me is that I’m gonna start to drop singles pretty regularly. I spent a lot of time making this album as I was figuring out how to mix my stuff and how to record myself and all that. Now that I got that figured out and I have some music for people to listen to, I’m gonna start dropping singles and hopefully people will listen.

Listen to “22 Years Old” below:

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