Ray Laurél — Hunter Schafer

British-Asian singer-songwriter Ray Laurél releases debut single “Hunter Schafer”

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Ray Laurél showcases his razor sharp vocals and innovative production on his debut single “Hunter Schafer”. It effortlessly combines indie and electronic sounds to create a vibrant track with replay value.

“I started watching euphoria, and like everyone else got obsessed with Jules (Hunter’s character). During that time (summer of 2021) i was going through quite the identity crisis. the show really helped me feel comfortable in my skin again, especially with my newly-realised sexuality. I started dressing different, talking different even – i felt me again. I decided to make a dramatic purple rain-esque bop almost as an ode to myself and my new found freedom. It’s called hunter. cuz Hunter is the embodiment of Love” — Ray Laurél.

Stream “Hunter Schafer” below:

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