MIXIE — boomerang

Multi-disciplined artist MIXIE returns with stunning new single “boomerang”

Newcomer MIXIE does it all, she’s made her mark as a model, digital artist, and as a fashion designer. And now she’s celebrating her journey into music with a style of her own— electronic-centred pop laced with earworm melodies. Her debut single “run away” was so good that she featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop cover. Now, the Manhattan, New York City-based artist is back with another stunning single, the danceable and thought-provoking, “boomerang”.

Built over a sleek production, “boomerang” is a fun track with playful yet blunt lyrics that most listeners will be able to resonate with in some way. With two captivating singles out, it’s evident that MIXIE is already one of the most promising artists around today— one with enormous pop appeal and a bright future ahead of her. Watch this space.

“’Boomerang’ touches on how I feel when I don’t face things head on; problems always seem to resurface when I ‘run away’ from the obstacles that lie ahead. We all get stuck in inevitable, toxic cycles. Whether it be trying to escape our own emotions, wanting to be desired and then feeling unfulfilled, forcing something to work with the wrong person, fixating on materialistic things, even if it feels empty. No matter how far away you try to run from these problems, the truth always has a way of ‘coming back ‘round’”MIXIE.

Stream “boomerang” below:

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