YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB brings 2000s nostalgia with new single “Popstar”

Having spent the past few months writing, recording and mixing her upcoming debut EP which is due out this summer, London-based artist YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB has released a single to give her fans a little something before the EP. “Popstar” is a catchy track which combines modern indie pop with a heavy dose of 2000s pop vibes to create an infectiously catchy track. Lyrically, the song might seem a bit shallow, but according to the singer herself, it’s a light take on a serious topic.

“The song is a bit of a hedonistic vent where I idealise the lives of 2000s popstars I grew up listening to. As it wasn’t supposed to be a serious release, I gave myself full creative freedom and ‘Popstar’ is the result of me stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s the first song I’m releasing I haven’t produced, and it’s stylistically and lyrically quite different from what I usually do, but I really, really enjoyed trying something new and challenging myself. I hope people will like the song as much as I do” — YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Stream “Popstar” below:


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