Maria Marie Unleashes Debut Single “Bad Boys”

London-based singer-songwriter and newcomer to the music scene Maria Marie hails from sunny Cancún, Mexico and has lived in countries such as the USA, Switzerland and Spain. Living in the English capital city has shaped her personally and professionally — spending the past few months working on her craft as she familiarised herself with the London culture.

On her single “Bad Boys”, Maria sings about her experience of falling for the wrong person and the internal battle she went through while dealing with her contradicting feelings. Incorporating her hazy vocals as she sings in both English and Spanish over a scintillating production that seamlessly combines reggaeton, pop and electronic R&B, Maria Marie has released an exceptionally good debut single with a lot of replay value, and one that won’t sound out of place on mainstream radio. You can hear why she’s being compared to the likes of Dua Lipa, Sia and Sofia Reyes.

Listen to “Bad Boys” below:

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