Toronto Artist TILSEN Drops Debut Single “Hurts”

Future pop artist TILSEN has joined the growing list of talented emerging artists hailing from Canada’s most populous city Toronto. The singer-songwriter started singing before she could even speak — growing up as the daughter of an opera singer, she formed a deep affinity with the human voice.

Although she sings about love and pain on her debut single “Hurts”, she showcases her ethereal vocal abilities over a vibrant summer-feel production, making it an enjoyable listen from start to finish, and also one many listeners can connect with.

“When you love somebody, they hold a lot of power over your emotions; to make you super happy but also super sad. It’s when you feel indifferent that you should worry –your feelings for them may be gone. Love isn’t about being perfect or always getting along. It’s accepting another person and caring about them through the ups and downs, flaws and all”. — TILSEN

Listen to “Hurts” below.

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