Kiita’s Debut EP “Let’s Commit A Robbery” Is Here

The 16 year-old singer-songwriter from Columbus, Ohio is one of the best new artists you’ll hear today. The latest addition to A&R executive Chris Anokute’s Young Forever Inc. imprint has released a stellar debut project that has already got A&R’s from major record labels chasing her.

Let’s Commit A Robbery features five compelling tracks that combine pop, R&B and hip-hop well, leaving listeners with the desire to listen again. Led by the outstanding and unfiltered “I Miss You”, Kiita may still be a teenager but she showcases her maturity with an emotionally-driven sound and raw lyrics that many of us can relate to. A very bright future ahead for this young artist.

Listen to the EP below:

Stream Let’s Commit A Robbery on Spotify here.

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