Justy Shares Soulful New Single “Cool”

Brooklyn-born, Staten Island raised artist Justy shares soulful new single “Cool”.

We tend to feature and prefer trap-infused sounds here on DNü, however at times we come across submissions that instantly connect with us. It could be in an emotional way or that particular artists vocal performance. For Staten Island raised emerging artist Justy, it’s the latter. Her vocal performance over the soulful production on “Cool” is impressive. Her voice brings comfort to your ears, instantly grabbing your attention, and you’re immediately hooked when she sings the infectious hook. The song itself embodies a sense of acceptance despite the facade the world may present you. Beautifully-written and beautifully-sung, Justy has delivered a mesmerising record worth a listen and and an addition your playlists. Press play.

Stream “Cool” below:

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